Board and staff development and training

Successful fundraising starts with leadership. Nonprofit boards play a critical role in helping advance the work of nonprofits. Lassiter & Associates has extensive experience in training, coaching, and facilitation for both experienced and new boards and staff, to help build capacity to successfully support nonprofits. We assist with:

  • Facilitation: Facilitate strategic planning sessions for the overall organization and specifically to advance fund development

  • Engagement: Help to set collective and individual board member engagement plans that help the board member feel successful and the nonprofit to see rewards

  • Systems: Establish policies and procedures effectiveness; meeting management

  • Role clarification and execution: Defining of board roles versus staff

  • Coaching and Training: Design development and fundraising training programs for board and staff leadership

  • Board Development: Assess, design, and evaluate board development, including recruitment, onboarding, orienting, retention and performance evaluation plans; coaching executive board leadership and executive staff in implementation of plans