Design, counsel and management for capital campaigns

In keeping with our key differentiator, on capital campaigns Lassiter & Associates both develops strategy and implements the plan. We understand that no two organizations, even in the same sectors, are exactly alike: unique strengths, challenges, and histories all influence the campaign.

When we become your capital campaign counsel, we believe that our job is to develop and execute a campaign strategy that takes all of these factors into account to capitalize on strengths and mitigate challenges.

We have a wealth of experience, having worked on campaigns with goals from $1 million to $25 million. We also believe that campaign success is defined by what happens at an institution or organization after the campaign is over: fundraising programs are stronger, annual fundraising has reached a higher level, staff is better trained, and, most importantly, leadership understands that fundraising is an ongoing investment.

  • Case for Philanthropic Support: Critical to fundraising success is a compelling case for support that identifies the fundraising priorities of an organization. We work with our clients to prioritize the funding needs and to develop a convincing case for prospective donors.
  • Feasibility studies: Our campaign feasibility study gives you a clear picture of the lowest-hanging fruit of potential contributors, plus perceptions, strengths, challenges, threats, and opportunities. It serves as the first test of the soundness of a campaign and what potential and size gifts are available. The study will also help to establish a realistic timetable for benchmarks.
  • Campaign counsel: We become your partner on the campaign team, advising on strategy for the overall campaign as well as on individual prospects, campaign plans—including goals, budgets, and work plans—lead-gift solicitation, guidance in staffing, training, and computer systems, and donor reports.
  • Campaign management: Dedicated, experienced development professionals work alongside your staff to execute plans, manage and guide volunteer fundraising, cultivate and solicit donors, and advance communications.

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